Monday, November 8, 2010

Cool Blanket (Queen) - made with Outlast®

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Cool Blanket (Queen) - made with Outlast®

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Cool Blanket (Queen) - made with Outlast® Description

Healthy sleep requires that your body stay cool throughout the night. With Outlast® technology you can rest comfortably at the right temperature. The Outlast Cooling Blanket / comforter is made with Outlast® gold certified fabric meaning it has the highest capacity to store heat. This makes the outlast cooling blanket / comforter ideal for women who suffer from hot flashes and/or night sweats. It is also great for thermally incompatible couples. - 300 thread count, 100% sateen cotton cover - 4" box construction to eliminate fill shift - 3" satin binding on all 4 sides - Hypo-allergenic - 100% polyester fiberfill for soft, supportive comfort - Easy care: machine washable Most people are not getting the best possible night's rest. Some common causes are night sweats, hot flashes, and thermal incompatibility between partners. The Not too hot, not too cold® Cooling Blanket contains Outlast® technology that actively regulates your body temperature throughout the night.

* temperature regulating comforter that will help you sleep cool
* Made with Outlast technology: Not Too Hot, Not Too Cool!
* Outlast Queen Blanket/Comforter: 90" x 100"
* Outlast Gold Certified

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