Monday, April 4, 2011

Boyfriend Pillow Micro Beads

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Boyfriend Pillow Micro Beads

Boyfriend Pillow Micro Beads Description

Never curl up on the bed alone again, With this comfortable arm that wraps around you as if to say. This Companion Pillow is a soft body pillow that looks like the torso of a man with a comforting arm that cuddles and holds you throughout the night. Feel safe and warm sleeping comfortably on his chest. This is Boyfriend Body Pillow is filled with Moshi Micro Beads which give the pillow a squishy, Soft, Cuddly shape. Also, This microbead pillow cover is a soft t-shirt that enhances the simutaion of a companion. This fun and cozy snuggle pillow is excellent for people whose partner is away for work absence. This body pillow is a great gift idea for a friend or relative with a good sense of humor who would love to have a little more cuddling at night. You will enjoy the comfort and warmth this body pillow gives and also the way that he wraps around you and holds you all through the night without snoring or saying a word. It is as if he knows exactly what you lik.
* Soft and comfortable body pillow
* Best sleeping bedmate for lonely people
* Feel the hug of a real man without the snoring, smell, tossing or turning
* A Fun and unique Gift Idea

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